KAB - Polaris 2800

The Polaris 2800 is a new single-shaft shredder from Lindner that have been optimized for the cost-efficient, single-step shredding of untreated household refuse as well as industrial and commercial waste.

Sutco - Polaris 2800

For a current project, the Sutco subsidiary has opted exclusively for innovative Lindner technology in the form of three Polaris 2800 universal shredders, which are to be integrated into diverse, planned applications.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories - Urraco 75 DK

Chalk River Laboratories (CRL), which is part of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), put into operation a Urraco 75 DK mobile shredder from Lindner on their site.

Zuser - Polaris 2800

Zuser Ressourcenmanagement GmbH is not keen on experiments: for the past 24 years the RDF producer in Peggau, Austria has bought shredders made by Lindner Recyclingtech. The new addition to the family is a Polaris 2800. For one-step shredding every other machine was...

"‘We are happy across the board."

Joachim Wunsch, Operational Excellence Manager, ALBA Nordbaden

Lindner Polaris Has the Best Performance

In this interview Joachim Wunsch, the busy Operational Excellence Manager at ALBA Nordbaden, talks about the Polaris 2800.