Your Apprenticeship At Lindner:

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Your Apprenticeship At Lindner.

In addition to high-quality technical training, you will gain personal skills through additional training, language courses and stays abroad. In this way, your training will optimally prepare you for your future career. Of course, our goal is for you to remain in our international team, also after completing your apprenticeship. We know that one trains the best employees oneselves. That's why we're looking for YOU!

Your Apprenticeship At Lindner:

The Professions.

The apprenticeship is organized as dual system in all professions. That means, your training will take place at several locations. You will spend most of your time at our corporate location itself. Each year you’re in the program, you will attend vocational school for 10 weeks. There, you can expand and deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge. In addition, we provide you with special basic training at the Technical Academy St. Andrä. There, you can improve your skills in metalworking (sawing, filing, drilling, turning, milling) and electrical engineering (electrical circuits, PLC programming, drive, and automation technology).

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Our Apprentice Professions.

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Single Apprenticeships

Single Apprenticeships

Single Apprenticeships

Two Professions at Once?

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Thanks to dual training, you will receive excellent training in both areas. Within four years, you will get to know the interplay between mechanical and electrical engineering. After completing your training, you will be able to manufacture components as well as entire machines. You can work with state-of-the-art equipment and various materials. Necessary knowledge of electrical engineering enables you to commission machines professionally.

Electricity and Electronics Make Your Heart Beat Faster?

Electrical & Mechatronic Automation Engineering Specializing In Plant Engineering

After four years of training, you will have the necessary knowledge to bring modern industrial facilities to life. State-of-the-art automation technology is part of your daily business. In addition to in-depth knowledge in electrical engineering, you'll also gain in-depth insights in the use of current power electronics and plant control technology.

You Have Always Been Fascinated About Machines?

Metal Technology Specializing In Machining

In Fact, You Think There Is More to the Smallest Dimensions Than a Mere Numerical Value?

In our state-of-the-art production facility, you will spend three and a half years learning how to manufacture high-precision machine parts for companies all around the world. You will receive individual training in metal technology that will help you work with a variety of different materials. Furthermore, you will use latest computer-controlled machines. After your training, you will be perfectly equipped to bring metal parts into perfect shape.

Your Are Looking For a Job That Connects?

Metal Technology Specializing In Welding

As a welding specialist, you'll learn how to properly apply various welding processes and connect different materials non-detachably. Since you already take the welding exam during your apprenticeship, you will be perfectly equipped for your future professional life. In our company, state-of-the-art automation technology and robotics are part of daily business. An apprenticeship at Lindner offers exciting insights into the latest technology of welding.

The Proper Component, At Right Time, In The Right Place!

In-House Logistics Services Clerk

Within three years, you will learn everything you need to know about operational logistics and warehouse management. Your tasks will range from operating the company's IT system, storing, retrieving, transferring and preparing goods, as well as the associated correspondence. Furthermore, you will learn how to operate forklifts and different materials handling equipment.

Construct the World According To Your Ideas!

Steel Construction Technology

As a steel construction technician, you will learn how to manufacture steel constructions and machines from iron, steel and other materials using a wide variety of processes and techniques. By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have mastered the reading and interpretation of technical drawings, the selection and processing of materials and the execution of welding and assembly work.

Make Your World A Little Bit More Colourful!

Coating Technology

As a paint and coating technician, you will learn how to prepare the surfaces of a wide variety of materials and mix and apply paints and coatings to protect materials and components from corrosion. Handling painting equipment and spray guns as well as carrying out quality control measures are also part of your 3-year apprenticeship.

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