On 14 and 16 September 2020, Lindner Recyclingtech hosted its first Mobile Experience Days with the theme ‘Meet the Experts’ in Carinthia, Austria. The presentation covered the Miura and Urraco mobile shredders’ diverse range of application possibilities as well as cutting tool reconditioning and the waste processing specialist’s convenient service packages. The event took place in front of a hand-picked audience under strict security measures due to COVID-19.

Spittal an der Drau/Austria, November 2020. The audience’s keen interest in Lindner’s first Mobile Experience Days shows that efficient waste processing continues to play an important role in 2020. On two dates, the participants obtained an overview of the different possible applications of the universal, yet – thanks to the optimised cutting system – highly specialised shredding and processing solutions. At the start of the event, the audience gained exclusive production insights and then watched experts demonstrate the advantages and processing options provided by the mobile shredders’ welded cutting systems.

Subsequently, at two of Lindner’s clients, participants saw a live demonstration on how to process waste wood with the patented Lindner cutting system for particularly fine particles. Using Lindner’s brand-new Miura DK, waste wood grades A1 to A3 were shredded to the standardised particle size P100 F5 in just one step. In addition, with a downstream Lindner Zeta Star screen, even grade P53 F5 was shown without any complicated secondary shredding. On site, it was also possible to experience at first hand the highly productive shredding of a wide variety of materials such as commercial & industrial waste, light scrap, mattresses, rootstocks, shrub and green cuttings as well as tough railway sleepers using mobile twin-shaft shredders configured in different ways.

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