Meet us at Lindner's Waste Wood Days 2019!

Are you attending the Bauma in Munich? Then take some time out and visit us at Lindner’s Waste Wood Days from 10th to 12th April 2019 just half an hour away from the Munich Trade Fair Centre!

Find out about the latest waste wood innovations and experience the finest Lindner mobile shredding and screening technology for waste wood processing and subsequent combustion during impressive live demonstrations.

True to our motto of getting the most out of waste, we have developed systems for processing waste wood for combustion purposes. They transform waste into valuable fuel with incredible efficiency while strictly complying with the international standard ISO 17225-1. Enjoy a minimum of super-fine particles, as few process steps as possible and enormous throughputs.

P100 – one step: minimum effort, maximum reward

Defined particles, more than 20 metric tons per hour, fines in the 5% range – all in a single step! Optimised for shredding waste wood grades A1 to A3, the cutting systems of the Urraco 75 and Miura series make subsequent processing and hassle obsolete! That’s efficiency à la Lindner: a single simple step and voilà, you have your finished product.

P63 – two steps: old wood, fine product

The space-saving combination of Urraco 75 or Miura shredders and the Zeta Star 75 star screen produces fine particles of the highest quality at a throughput of over 20 metric tons per hour. The shredders’ shaft geometry ensures a minimum of super-fine particles so that you get the most out of your valuable resources. Lindner: making material loss a thing of the past.

P100 – two steps: when you need that little extra

With a throughput of over 50 metric tons per hour, the Urraco 95 DK and Zeta Star 95 F2 star screen are a duo to be reckoned with. No fine particle screening is required thanks to the cutting system’s special geometry and the perfect coordination between shredder and screen. Get clean P100 particles and save yourself valuable resources, time and money.

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Lindner's Waste Wood Days

10th - 12th April 2019

Wurzer Umwelt GmbH

Am Kompostwerk 1
95462 Eitting

To make your journey easier, we are offering a free shuttle service for the following route:

Journey BAUMA - Airport - Wurzer
BAUMA: Messe Riem Exit East9.00 am12.00 pm
Airport Munich: Central Area10.00 am1.00 pm
Wurzer Umwelt10.15 am1.15 pm
Departure Wurzer - Airport - BAUMA
Wurzer Umwelt1.30 pm5.00 pm
Airport Munich: Central Area1.45 pm5.15 pm
BAUMA: Messe Riem Entrance East2.45 pm6.15 pm


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