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Taking Care of Waste Wood: Lindner System Solution

Whether furniture, bulky goods or other waste wood, Lindner is a reliable partner when it comes to waste wood processing. At IFAT 2018, that took place in May in Munich, the Austrian company with 70 years of engineering experience presented its new system solution for waste wood processing consisting of a Urraco 95DK shredder and a Zeta Star 95F2 starscreen at the VDMA Practical Days. 

It’s all about the end product: energy for 25,000 households

That’s a claim the Altenstadt combined heat and power plant in Upper Bavaria, Germany, can support: Lindner designed and supplied an on-site solution that combined a Urraco 95 shredder as the heart of the plant with a special downstream star screen.

The Altenstadt combined heat and power plant went into operation in 1999 and today supplies more than 25,000 households with energy. Since then, more than one billion kilowatt hours of electricity have been fed into the public grid. The CO2 savings during this period – measured in terms of the electricity produced – amount to more than 620,000 metric tonnes.

Waste wood from grade A I to A III (in accordance with the German waste wood ordinance), sawdust and also fresh wood is turned into highly calorific fuel. The materials normally used are non-directly recyclable timber from thinning, rootstocks, wind-felled timber, weak wood and branches and twigs. As Bernhard Schuster, authorised officer of Heizkraftwerk Altenstadt GmbH & Co. KG, explains, previously this wood would have been mostly incinerated, chopped or left to rot.

After the Lindner Urraco 95 shreds the wood to a specific particle size, metals, plastics, glass and other foreign objects, which may be contained in the input material, are separated and discharged. The downstream star screen filters the material very thoroughly, effectively cleaning the fractions while emitting low noise, minimizing agglomerates and limiting the length of fine particles.

Two powerful machine types 
for better shredding results

With the Urraco and Miura series, Lindner offers two particularly powerful machine types for perfect waste wood shredding. The twin-shaft mobile shredders are resistant to foreign objects, which can often be found in the waste wood feed in recycling plants: nails, screws, metal plates, glass, hard plastics, etc. With the machines, the focus is clearly on long-term, low-maintenance operation and rapid removal of foreign objects in ord er to achieve a high degree of productivity.

The Miura 1500 shredder, for example, is the first in the Lindner product range with the FX (Fast Exchange) system – an innovation that is becoming the standard.

In addition to the extremely fast removal of foreign objects via the innovative hydraulic maintenance door thanks to this system the complete shaft can be easily replaced within an hour with the aid of a wheel loader. ‘So the client always has the right cutting tool at hand’, Stefan Scheiflinger-Ehrenwerth knows from experience. The innovative twin-shaft shredder also features a completely new, electronically controlled hydraulic drive boasting a particularly fast response time and allowing precise machine control to match the material flow.

Cost-efficient with high throughput

The Urraco and Miura shredders from Lindner are ideally suited to high throughput rates when shredding waste wood. The mobile universal shredders with their compact, robust design and up to 770 PS with tracked chassis, hook lift or trailer shred effortlessly up to 140 tons of waste wood per hour to a defined output size. And this is all done with low fuel consumption, which applies to all Lindner shredders in line with the exhaust emission standards. The powerful hydraulic system is also equipped with the manufacturer's special twin-tower planetary gears for optimum engine performance.

The shaft system with its fourfold crushing and cutting action per shaft rotation proves to be extremely reliable. The hooks draw in the material evenly and very efficiently. The automatic, load-dependent reverse mode makes this maintenance-friendly, low wear-and-tear machine very cost-efficient.

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