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Primary Shredding at Its Best.

Gets the Process Going:

Reliably High Output and Consistent Particle Sizes.

The Lindner Jupiter single-shaft primary shredder combines everything you need for efficient 24/7 operation: a powerful countershaft drive, a well-engineered machine design and high manufacturing quality. Undefeated by non-shreddables, our tried-and-tested technology ensures a long service life and low maintenance coupled with the necessary power to shred even the toughest materials – year after year and ton after ton.

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Input & Output Materials

Key Features

Lindner Advantages

Single-Shaft Cutting System With Four-Fold Useable Pointed Knives

  • Solidly built knives and knife holders particularly resistant to non-shreddables
  • Maximum availability, as knives can be changed quickly
  • Easily adjustable cutting gap for optimum output quality

Countershaft Drive With Flywheel Energy Storage

Less energy consumption and more power thanks to the countershaft drive that stores and releases rotational energy depending on the load.

  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Consistently high throughput even with tough materials
  • Spare parts obtainable worldwide
  • Also available as a HP model (high performance model) for even more power and throughput