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The single-shaft shredder in combination with its powerful gear or direct belt drive and its unique Mono Fix technology make the Micromat series the benchmark for shredding post-consumer or industrial waste. The Lindner Mono-Fix system allows knives and knife holders to be changed with just a single screw. Different pointed and flat knives as well as blind plates and special counter-knives can be used on the same rotor body - so the cutting system can be easily and effortlessly adapted to different input materials, which in turn has a positive effect on quality and throughput.


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Input & Output Materials

Key Features

Lindner Advantages

Mono Fix Technology

The Mono Fix system allows knives and knife holders to be changed with just one screw. A combination of different pointed and flat knives, as well as blind plates and special counter knives, can also be attached to the rotor. The result:

  • Maximum flexibility of the cutting unit
  • Maximum adaptation to input and particle size

Powerful Gear Drive

Robust, high-torque gear drive for optimum shredding of materials such as rigid plastics, fibres, nets and big bags. 

  • Powerful shredding due to high-torque, high-performance motors
  • Optimum machine protection thanks to the safety clutch and the drive unit’s instant mechanical disengagement in the event of incidents
  • Global availability of all easy-change standard parts