Urraco 5000 EK

Taking Precision To New Heights.

The Urraco 5000EK Semi-mobile Shredder:

Unleashing Uncompromised Electric Precision.

New E-Power for powerful and precise shredding. Equipped with a 355 kW electric motor and new mobile hydraulic control, helping you keep energy costs to a minimum while providing unparalleled performance. A particle size of < 120 mm makes this probably the most defined output of the robust twin-shaft primary shredders on the market. The Lindner Sky Flap allows easy access to the cutting unit - non-shreddables can be removed rapidly and shafts can be replaced quickly and easily. The 100 t/h shredder also has user-friendly plug & play power sockets. The additional independent auxiliary unit ensures flexible transfer of the shredder to another site of operation - completely without electricity.

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