Lindner at IFAT 2024:

Spotlight on Product Innovations

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At this year's IFAT, Lindner demonstrated its innovative strength, comprehensive range of applications and flexibility with three new products. Solutions included the production of substitute fuel, the processing of waste wood and scrap metal and both the mechanical and chemical recycling of plastics. Merak – the new universal genius from Lindner – scores highly with its sophisticated cutting and drive concept. The result: an extensive range of particle sizes, materials and applications. Additionally, the new Alcor stationary twin-shaft shredder with a synchronous cutting unit demonstrates high performance and application versatility. In terms of ease of maintenance and servicing, the new screw-on blade holder concept for the Komet series is also a must.

In line with the motto “Ready for the future of your business,” Lindner presented innovative solutions at IFAT 2024 to equip companies in the best possible way for the challenges of the future. Robust, energy-efficient and flexible both in the diversity of materials and applications these shredders can handle are essential characteristics – and the same goes for maintenance and servicing.

Merak 2800 EK – The Universal Genius

Merak is the new star of Lindner’s product family, setting new standards in versatility, productivity and throughput - achieving particle sizes from 30 to 350 mm.

Merak is the new star of Lindner’s product family, setting new standards in versatility, productivity and throughput. The innovative cutting system enables the shredder to be used for everything from coarse pre-shredding to universal and post-shredding, achieving particle sizes that range from 30 to 350 mm. Thanks to the sophisticated electric drive concept with three transmission ratios (55, 87 and 103 rpm), the rotor speed can be adapted to the input material, which means that shredding is always carried out at the optimum operating point, achieving even greater efficiency.

Screw-on Blade Holder Concept

Minimal downtime and maximum machine availability – two highly beneficial features of the new screw-on knife holder, now available for the Komet and Komet HP series. If non-shreddables cause deformation, the knife holder can be replaced in just 15 minutes. This was a job that previously took up to 4 hours due to the welding work required.

Alcor 5000 SY – Powerful Efficiency

Lindner’s Alcor: Powerful twin-shaft shredder in stationary design.

Alcor, Lindner's new twin-shaft shredder, is characterised by its customary high performance, efficiency and stationary design. The electro-hydrostatic 335 kW drive reacts impressively quickly to changes in load and its high torque makes it especially suited to particularly tough materials. By using different shaft types, the Alcor can shred a wide variety of materials – from waste wood, rootstocks, C&I and MSW to aluminium and mixed scrap. Lindner’s Sky Flap provides easy access to the cutting unit and makes swift work of removing contaminants. The breaker bar can also be removed or replaced easily through the Sky Flap.

These innovations have one main goal – to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our customers,’ emphasises Michael Lackner, Managing Director of Lindner. ‘By providing new technologies, we enable our customers to adapt to changing market demands. This includes the realisation of higher recycling rates and the processing of new waste streams.’