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High availability, a wide range of possible applications, precise grain size: A Miura 1500, the machine of choice for processing municipal, commercial and industrial waste into RDF fractions of < 80 mm, is now in use at the Nemetz plant. The Lindner mobile shredder is unique with the only fast exchange system for fully welded shafts on the market.

‘We make more out of waste’ – That’s the Nemetz Entsorgung und Transport AG’s objective. Founded in 1915 with a small horse-drawn carriage, today the family business in Leopoldsdorf near Vienna is active in waste management throughout Austria. Services include the collection and recycling of valuable materials (metals, paper, glass, plastics, demolition/construction waste, etc.) as well as the disposal of residual waste, special waste and hazardous municipal, commercial and industrial waste. For this purpose Nemetz customers can use an online ordering service for skips and other containers. Since 1993 the company has been operating a continuously expanding sorting plant (also for film and PET) at its headquarters and since 2002 a modern RDF plant at the Himberg site in Lower Austria, which was later retrofitted with a system for the removal of PVC plastic. The refuse-derived fuels are produced from mixed waste and are marketed primarily in the cement industry.

When it comes to shredding technology, Lindner is the partner to trust. Four of the manufacturer's shredders were installed at once when the RDF plant was commissioned 16 years ago. By 2008 three shredding lines had been created, and in 2010 Nemetz replaced the ageing Komets with new shredders of the same series. Now that a special mobile shredder producing a final grain size of < 80 mm was required, the certified waste management company once again opted for a Lindner solution – the new Miura mobile twin-shaft shredder. ‘We need a shredder that achieves the desired grain size of 80 mm in one go,’ explains Mario Prammer, who is responsible for the Nemetz quality, marketing and sales divisions. ‘The machine must also be versatile and mobile.‘

f.l.t.r: Mario Prammer, Nemetz Entsorgung und Transport AG; Clemens Jäger, Lindner Recyclingtech;

The best results: ‘During a demonstration of the Miura 1500, Lindner was able to fully convince us,‘ confirms Mario Prammer and adds: ‘The twin-shaft shredder clearly achieved the best results in test mode according to Nemetz specifications, demonstrating the ease and precision with which it can shred even tough materials as well as materials mixed with foreign matter.’


In January 2018 the new Miura 1500 was officially handed over to Nemetz AG. The machine’s specialty is the combination of a robust, three-axle trailer with a fully welded and quickly replaceable twin-shaft cutting unit – a Lindner innovation that is gaining a foothold in the market. As Lindner product manager Stefan Scheiflinger-Ehrenwerth explains, the knives on competitor machines are often screwed or welded units that can only be replaced with great effort: ‘In mobile primary shredding, welded parts are usually more stable than screwed parts. As a result, the Miura can handle foreign matter and bulky materials contained in the input material, which would otherwise inevitably lead to machine jamming, and process them without any problems. Even iron parts are no problem for this shredder with its torque of up to 240,000 Nm.’

The first shredder with twin-shaft fast exchange system: It was also important to Nemetz that the shredder could be used at the company's sites easily and effortlessly if necessary. Plug & Play – that's what matters. In addition to the simple maneuverability and transportability, the Lindner fast exchange system for the cutting unit (FX unit) ensures that the machine can be adapted extremely fast to changed material conditions. The company wanted a flexible machine with an optimized output in the required grain size while dealing with different input materials.

The shafts can be removed quickly within 20 to 30 minutes, and the complete shaft set as well as the associated breaker bars and scrapers can be replaced with the aid of wheel loaders or excavators within an hour.

A trendsetting concept

With its powerful and at the same time energy-efficient performance, the Miura 1500 is up to any task, shredding almost any input material. Nemetz estimates a throughput rate of 25 to 30 tons per hour in operation – depending on the input material. The twin-shaft shredder also features the latest, electronically controlled hydraulic drive system which distinguishes itself by a particularly fast response time and ensures that the machine adapts precisely to the material flow.


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