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Vexor Swears By Lindner's Expertise To Produce High-Tech Refuse-Derived Fuels

Success Story

Not all RDFs are equal: Vexor Engineered Fuel of Indiana (VEFI) has opened a new fuel processing operation “made by Lindner” in Gary, Indiana, just south of Chicago.

Lindner previously supplied a Komet 2800 HP for refuse-derived fuel production in Medina, Ohio, the headquarters of the American waste management company that was founded in 1999. Designed and built by Lindner, a plant dedicated to the production of high-tech fuels has now been formed by Vexor Technology in a joint venture with Carmeuse Lime & Stone at the new site in Gary, Indiana. Lindner has also supplied three stationary shredders – a Lindner Jupiter 3200 for primary shredding and two Komet 2800 HP models for secondary shredding – as well as the sorting and conveying technology required to produce the extra-special “Vexor Engineered Fuel.”

Vexor Technology developed a refuse-derived fuel to replace the conventional coal used in burners in the lime, cement, steel industries, as well as utilities.  VEF meets the calorific specifications for kilns and calciners in the lime, cement and steel industries while benefitting the environment by reducing the air emissions of the coal it replaces.  Additional benefits are derived in the ash from the fuel is incorporated into the end product and is not disposed in a landfill.  In 2010, Vexor was the proud recipient of the Alternative Fuel Company of the Year Award presented at the Global Fuels Conference in Washington D.C.

What’s in a name?

VEF is a solid fuel manufactured from non-hazardous industrial and post-industrial, commercial and municipal byproducts.  This process provides end of life solutions for difficult to recycle plastics, paper, cardboard and other industrial wastes and is capable of keeping over 250,000 tons of material a year out of landfills. After thorough testing and analysis, the material is shredded, followed by removal of metals, inert materials and other heavy, non-processable object, before being reprocessed to final fuel specifications.  

A trendsetting concept

What really matters: taking efficiency to the next level

Shredding is the yardstick for awesome grain quality in fuel end products. Because the input material is diverse, often tough, wet, and heavy, and mixed with foreign matter, Vexor relies on Lindner’s extremely robust and resilient signature shredding systems. For example, the Jupiter 3200 used for primary shredding is completely unaffected by foreign objects and undaunted by even the most difficult materials, and the Komet 2800 HP used for secondary shredding is formidably strong. Two additional rows of cutters and the powerful high-performance engines make sure that up to 50 tons of waste are processed into high-quality fuel with a grain size of less than one inch – and that every single hour.

And that’s what really matters to Vexor: They need efficient, economical, and high-performance shredders with high output rates that are easy to use and maintain. And Lindner has it all.


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