A Lindner universal shredder guarantees the safe eradication of top-secret data

Since the end of 2014, a Lindner Recyclingtech Micromat 2000 single-shaft, universal shredder has been in successful operation for REISSWOLF Akten- und Datenvernichtung GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany. At the company, documents and data carriers containing strictly confidential information are destroyed and the high throughput performance and reliable process stability provided by Lindner technology delivers up to 8t of output material per hour in the course of 14 hours of daily operation.

REISSWOLF Frankfurt, a Mandausch Group company, carries out the secured destruction of data carriers containing strictly confidential information. Apart from electronic data carriers including CDs and hard disks, older storage media such as microfilm and magnetic tapes are also dealt with. However, the bulk of the input material handled consists of documents on paper. In spite of being faced by such diversity, the Micromat 2000 universal shredder with its various sieve perforations is still able to provide perfect processing and foreign bodies such as document folders and suspension files are also no problem.

Nevertheless, according to the REISSWOLF Frankfurt CEO, Manfred Benz, the decisive argument for the purchase of a Lindner Recyclingtech shredder was the certainty of output material in line with DIN 66399 certification. “The Micromat 2000 offers the P-5 security standard in accordance with DIN 66399-2. For us, this is a guarantee that our customers’ data is entirely secure against spying by third parties.”

The certification states that the Micromat 2000 universal shredder must be capable of reducing the input material to particles measuring less than 6 x 6 mm and is therefore ideally suited to destroying storage media containing top-secret data. The majority of the material thus obtained is recycled into paper and as REISSWOLF Frankfurt’s CTO, Peter Garten, explains: “Constantly high throughput performance is especially important for us and using a 45 mm sieve, we can reach up to 8t per hour. With its combination of cutting system and sieve perforations, the shredder matches our requirements to perfection and guarantees us maximum operational efficiency.” In addition, the hydraulic servicing flap allows the timesaving exchange of the pointed knives on the rotor, which thanks to concave cutting operates very quietly.

The process stability of the Micromat 2000 has also proven convincing, as in spite of two-shift operation and running times of 14 hours per day, the direct drive of the machine with an output of 132 kW functions perfectly.

REISSWOLF Akten- und Datenvernichtung GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

With around 70 partners in 26 countries, REISSWOLF is the current leader in the data security markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden. The company’s portfolio, which includes file and data carrier destruction, file storage and archiving, data protection consulting and training, as well as office waste solutions ensures safe, cost-efficient and environment-friendly office organisation.

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