Your apprenticeship at Lindner


Lay the foundation for your remarkable career at Lindner with an apprenticeship. You will not only receive high-quality technical training: additional training, language courses and even stays abroad will teach you the personal skills that will prepare you for your working life. Needless to say, we strive to keep you in our team after your apprenticeship – after all, the best employees are company-trained.

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Apprenticeship with qualifications

Are you reaching for the stars? We would love to support you with a combination of apprenticeship and Austrian A-levels (Matura).

Additional perks

Stays abroad, forklift licence, a.m.m. Find all our additional training offers here:

Growth opportunities

The end of an apprenticeship is the beginning of a career. Click here to find detailed information about your opportunities at Lindner:


Getting to know Lindner

Want to find out more about Lindner? Click here to apply for a five-day apprenticeship. You will gain valuable initial insights into the different areas and meet the team, meaning that you will be in a real position to decide whether our exciting industry is right for you.

Always a step ahead

At Lindner, you will receive much more than just standard additional training: your apprenticeship with us will help you to integrate into our multifaceted workflow and always be ahead of the competition in your career.Bei deiner Lehre bei Linder bekommst du Zusatzausbildungen die über den Standard hinaus gehen. Das hilft dich besser in die vielfältigen Arbeitsabläufe einbinden zu können und du profitierst davon in deiner Karriere die Nase vorn zu haben. 

The programme at a glance:
  • additional language courses
  • forklift licence
  • crane licence
  • welder qualification
  • attendance of the Technical Academy St. Andrä
  • personality development
  • stays abroad

Created for high achievers

Do you aim high? We will support your apprenticeship and Austrian A-levels (Matura). At the end of your apprenticeship, you will not only be equipped with extensive technical training in 2 professions, but also the qualifications that will open the door to a university degree.

Your perks at a glance:

  • enjoy dual training: good general education combined with practical vocational training
  • enhance your practical skills with Austrian A-levels (Matura)
  • improve your career prospects in the company
  • improve your integration into the labour market
  • gain open access to the school system, universities of applied sciences (FH) and/or universities
  • earn an income throughout the entire training period
  • secure a valuable period of social insurance contributions.

To the top

It’s our philosophy to train our excellent staff ourselves. That’s why we aim to provide apprentices with the best possible training and keep them in our company after the apprenticeship has finished. Here you have the opportunity to progress to various positions in all areas of our company. We will support your further training after the end of your apprenticeship, whether you want to become a foreman or study part-time while working with us.

Accordeon 5

Accordeon 6

The professions


Double apprenticeship metalworking technology and electrical engineering

Two professions at once? With our apprenticeship in metalworking technology and electrical engineering, you will receive top training in both fields. You will spend your apprenticeship in various departments, with the option of more in-depth training in automation engineering to learn about the interaction between mechanics and electronics. You will acquire the skills necessary to manufacture modern equipment components and entire machines from various materials, and then breathe new life into them with the required electrical elements.



Single apprenticeship
Metalworking technology
Machining technology

Have you always been fascinated by machines and consider a millimetre large? With our apprenticeship in metalworking technology focusing on machining, you will learn how to use various materials to manufacture high-precision components employed in systems in almost 100 countries in just 3.5 years in our fabulously equipped plants. You will learn how to work with computer-controlled machines - at the end of your apprenticeship, you will be ready to work in component production in the mechanical engineering sector.


Single apprenticeship
Metalworking technology
Welding technology

Are you looking for an activity that connects? As a welding technician, you will learn in 3.5 years how to use different welding processes correctly and thus join different materials together forever.

Single Apprenticeship
Electrical engineering

Do electricity and electronics spark your interest? In the single apprenticeship in electrical engineering focusing mainly on installation and operation technology, you will learn everything you need to know to bring modern industrial systems to life. In addition to basic skills in electrical engineering, you will enjoy sound training in state-of-the-art power electronics and control systems.