Candi Plastic Recycling

Flexible Cutting System

Success Story

Sollenau (Austria), March 2021. Since 2001, Candi Plastic Recycling in Sollenau, Lower Austria, has been transforming industrial waste thermoplastics into premium homogeneous recyclates. As a contract manufacturer, the company relies on Lindner’s shredders with flexible cutting units to ideally cater to customer needs.

Contract Manufacturer Expands Production Capacities with Application-optimised Shredder Technology

Plastic products manufacturers who wish to improve their products’ sustainability have two options: Either build their own recycling facility or rely on an established expert. One of these experts is Candi Plastic Recycling GmbH. At the headquarters of the family-owned business, where dog Mia takes care of the group’s security, about 3,000 metric tons of thermoplastics such as PE, PP, PS and ABS are turned into homogenous regranulate every year. The materials, which are processed south of the Austrian metropolis of Vienna, as well as at their subsidiary Calex in Baia Mare, Romania, mostly come directly from international big players in packaging and brand product manufacturing.

One of the secrets of the company's twenty years of success is its ability to constantly adapt to different materials and new customer requirements. Andreas Campan, Head of Production and Chief Technician at Candi Plastic Recycling, explains: ‘We process thermoplastics in almost every shape, from films to hollow bodies to lumps. Since more and more producers want to avoid waste as much as possible, the required purchase quantities are constantly increasing and with them the variety of different materials. To meet our customers’ demands, and also to ensure our facilities are as productive as possible, we rely on technologies that enable us to cover the broadest possible material spectrum.’ Specifically in terms of shredding, the company relies on Lindner’s compact shredders for the first stage in the recovery process. The decision to buy from this manufacturer was once made on the basis of industry recommendations.

Combining different knife geometries enables the machine to optimally adapt and shred a variety of plastics.

Today, Candi Plastic Recycling and Lindner are very much partners working together on smart solutions to tackle new challenges. ‘We were looking for a solution that would allow us to process as many different materials as possible with one single machine. This keeps the investment costs in check and ensures that we can exploit our full production potential. If these requirements are met, we can ultimately increase our sales. When we approached Lindner, they were immediately willing to help tackle this issue,’ Campan explains.

The result of this cooperation is a flexible cutting system based on Lindner’s tried-and-tested Mono-Fix technology. Thereby it is possible to quickly adapt the shredder to a wide range of materials. The different knife geometries and rotor configurations ensure consistently high outputs. Stefan Scheiflinger-Ehrenwerth, Head of Product Management at Lindner Recyclingtech, states: ‘We always place great value on developing solutions together with our clients and paying close attention to our clients’ specific needs. This approach has paid off once again in our collaboration with the great team at Candi.’

Thanks to the shredder's flexible cutting system, Andreas (left) and Gheorghe (right) Campan from Candi Plastic Recycling can perfectly address customers’ needs.