Geocycle Mexico - Polaris 2200

Mexico’s mountains of waste may soon be history. To achieve this ambitious goal in a country that produces around 100,000 tonnes of waste a day, the affiliate of the cement giant Lafarge Holcim is relying on Lindner’s proven shredding technology.

PCC Recycling - Micromat 2000

Cypriot president inaugurates the first turn-key plastics recycling facility in the island state – a collaboration between Lindner & Starlinger. PCC Recycling, a Poullaides Group company, is thereby taking an important step towards a circular economy.

Gojer - Urraco 95 DK

When Gojer, Kärntner Entsorgungsdienst GmbH was faced with the challenge of shredding railway sleepers, they opted for the Urraco 95 DK mobile twin-shaft shredder from Lindner-Recyclingtech at the end of August 2017. Gojer looks back on a very positive…

Daly Plastics - Micromat 2000

Daly Plastics, one of the largest plastics waste processing companies in the Netherlands, recycles agricultural and packaging films. The aim is to produce regranulates of the same quality as virgin material. Six Lindner shredders provide the ideal…

Wheeldon Brothers - Polaris 2800

'If you don’t recycle, we do it for you' is the motto of Wheeldon Brothers Ltd. This waste management company in Manchester/UK produces solid recovered fuels too. This is where a particular shredder with high output comes in: the Polaris 2800 one-step…

Alba Nordbaden - Polaris 2800

ALBA Nordbaden GmbH put the new production line for refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from mixed construction and commercial waste into service on 11th April 2017.

Zuser - Polaris 2800

Zuser Ressourcenmanagement GmbH is not keen on experiments: for the past 24 years the RDF producer in Peggau, Austria has bought shredders made by Lindner Recyclingtech. The new addition to the family is a Polaris 2800. For one-step shredding every other…