Lindner Sales Manager Clemens Jäger explained the mobile system solution, consisting of an Urraco 75 DK shredder and a ZetaStar 75 DK F2 star screen, to presenter Raoul Helmer in the wood & biomass demo area

Lindner at RecyclingAKTIV 2019

Perfectly shredded waste wood and scrap metal at a high speed – at this year’s RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe, Germany, the shredder specialist showcased system solutions for waste wood processing, light scrap recycling and its patented fast exchange system for mobile shredders.

Karlsruhe/Germany, September 2019. Demonstration fairs are very special. This year’s RecyclingAKTIV in Karlsruhe, Germany is certainly no exception. Where classic trade fairs try to win the hearts and minds of customers with architecturally designed booths, elegantly polished exhibits and lavish supporting programmes, these speciality fairs get down to business: technology live and in colour.

The mobile shredder Urraco 95 DK shredded lightscrap at the scrap & metal demo area to the ideal size for subsequent sorting processes or volume reduction.

For us, it’s great when we can simply demonstrate our solutions’ capabilities to a specialist audience. Our highlight was the combination of our Urraco 75 DK mobile shredder with the latest stage V engine and the ZetaStar 75 F2 DK star screen for transforming waste wood into a standardized P63 final output size,’ states Clemens Jäger, Sales Manager at Lindner. ‘I was also very happy with the extremely positive reaction to the patented fast exchange system of our Miura twin-shaft shredder, which we had on display in our booth. This new technology makes it possible to change the entire cutting unit in under 60 minutes. The client is thus able to quickly fit an additional pair of shafts for different materials, like waste wood or commercial solid waste. I am sure that we have the right ace up our sleeve with this technology,’ noted Jäger.

But it was not only in the waste wood department that Lindner subjected itself to audience scrutiny. In the scrap and metal demo area outside, the company was able to prove its prowess with a powerful Urraco 95 DK shredder specifically designed for this application. ‘Metals are particularly resistant and abrasive. But with the Urraco we can easily shred them to the ideal size for subsequent sorting processes or volume reduction. For light scrap shredding we matched a powerful drive with a specially reinforced and fortified cutting unit to create the perfect solution to ensure ultimate productivity and minimum downtime,’ explains Wulf Schellwanich, Sales Manager at Lindner.

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