Polaris 2200

Wurzer Umwelt - Polaris 2800

The Polaris 2800 is the optimum stationary waste wood shredder. After one year of operation, the results are: few fines in the output, the highest throughput with the best machine availability – consistent, reliable and safe.

Micromat 2000

Daly Plastics BV - Micromat 2000

One of the largest plastics waste processing companies in the Netherlands recycles agricultural and packaging films. The aim is to produce regranulates of the same quality as virgin material. Six Lindner shredders provide the ideal particle size.


Gojer - Urraco 95

When Gojer was faced with the challenge of shredding railway sleepers, they opted for the Urraco 95 DK mobile twin-shaft shredder from Lindner-Recyclingtech at the end of August 2017. Gojer looks back on a very positive first year.

Micromat 2000 BW

Veolia Umweltservice West GmbH - Micromat 2000 BW

Veolia Umweltservice West operates a highly efficient sorting facility for post-consumer plastic films in Germany. Crucial to ensuring the best possible output quality in homogenous LDPE film is a Lindner-Recyclingtech Micromat 2000 BW shredder.

Micromat 2500

Winco Plastics - Micromat 2500

Lindner's tailor-made re-grinding line boosts output and growth for Winco Plastics

Wheeldon Brothers

Wheeldon Brothers - Polaris 2800

'If you don’t recycle, we do it for you' is the motto of Wheeldon Brothers Ltd. This is where a particular shredder with high output comes in: the Polaris 2800 one-step shredder from Lindner.

Vexor Engineered Fuel

Vexor Engineered Fuel – Mulit-step SRF line

Not all RDFs are equal: Vexor Engineered Fuel of Indiana (VEFI) has opened a new fuel processing operation “made by Lindner” in Gary, Indiana, just south of Chicago.